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Open-concept Living Space Design in ADU


An open-concept plan features minimal walls and few interior divisions. If you are planning for a small ADU, then this layout is perfect for you.

In this type of floor plan, you can maximize available space by incorporating multi-use areas into your space.

An open-concept plan makes the space look bigger than it actually is.

If you are looking for a trusted Fallbrook ADU design contractor, then you should contact Better Place Remodeling. Now let us understand about the open concept living space design for your ADU unit.
Open-style kitchen

An open-concept kitchen features a lack of barriers in the kitchen and the area surrounding it. Typically, an open-style kitchen includes both the dining room and living room, which collectively refers to the great room.

Usually, ADUs need more than 2 to 4 spaces at the dining table; hence, you can combine both your kitchen and dining area to save valuable floor space. You can also add island counters to free up the floor space.

  • If you want to give a modern and elegant look to your ADU, then go with an open-plan kitchen area. However, the trend is getting less popular in some areas as new trends are emerging in kitchen remodeling
  • If you want to combine individual activities with social togetherness, then you can go for an open-style kitchen design.
  • Your family members can get engaged in their own activities while they can still communicate with each other with such open plans. It can create a large open social space in your home.

Add foldable dining tables instead of the regular ones:

If you want to save space and make your ADU unit functional, you can think about adding a foldable table in your dining area.

Usually, we do not use the dining table most of the time.

But, this table can take up a lot of space in your home. So, you can attach the table to the wall with hinges and make the most use of the space when the table is not in use.

You can fold its legs and keep it away from the space so that you can create a lot of space there.

Combine Bedroom with living room

If you do want privacy in your kitchen, then you can combine your bedroom with your living room so that it can create an open space in your home.

You can also use multi-functional furniture in your bedroom that will work as a bed at night and a sofa in the daytime.

This way, you can save a lot of space and make your ADSU unit look much bigger.

However, this floor plan might not be convenient if your guests visit your ADU unit frequently. But it can be beneficial for your parents, caretakers or a bachelor whom you have given your ADU unit on rent.

Bright and light shade paint can do the magic

If you choose light colors for the walls of your ADU unit, then it will make the space brighter and bigger.

Moreover, the natural and lighter shades will reflect most of the light to make the space look brighter. This will make your ADU unit look airy, fresh, and clean.

Go with sliding doors

When we open the doors, it takes up a lot of space thereby covering much of the floor space.

So, sliding doors can be a good idea to save a lot of floor space. This way, you can open the door without blocking the floor space and generate more square footage for your ADU unit.


ADU units should be built with a proper plan so that they will not give a clumsy look. Choose your furniture, décor, and appliances carefully so that the ADU unit does not look too occupied.

With an open-style home remodel concept, your space will look visually bigger in size. if you eliminate the walls and room dividers then it is certainly going to make your space look spacious.

So, you can take the help of your contractor to plan the design so that you do not face any hassles later.

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