RTX 3070 Ti vs RTX 3080: Performance, VRAM, and Price Compared


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The 3070 Ti and 3080 are both ar high-eng graphics cars made by the most popular brand in the world Nvidia.

the RTX 3070 Ti vs the RTX 3080? Don’t worry. we share a quick comparison that can help you choose between the two most popular Nvidia RTX graphics cards.

The RTX 3080 is one of the most popular GPUs around and was launched way back in 2020. It was soon followed by Nvidia’s RTX 3070 Ti. While both of these are some of the best graphics cards, they have aged like fine wine.

RTX 3070 Ti vs RTX 3080: Specifications

The Rtx 3070 Ti is a newer card that was released in June 2021 which has 6,144 CUDA cores, a base clock speed of 1,590 MHz, with 8GB of GDDR6X memory. It is designed to deliver high-end performance for heavy gaming ,creative workloads such as video editing and 3D rendering.

Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti vs 3080

The Nvidia RTX 3080 is one of the most popular GPUs around which was launched way back in 2020. It was soon followed by Nvidia’s RTX 3070 Ti. Both of these graphics cards are the best graphic card which mostly used for gaming, video editing, and 3d rendering.

Source:  Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti RTX 3080
CUDA cores 6144 8704
Base clock 1570 MHz 1440 MHz
Boost clock 1770 MHz 1710 MHz
Memory bus width 256-bit 320-bit
Memory clock speed 1880 MHz 1180 MHz
TDP 290W 320W
GPU die GA104-400 GA102-200
MSRP $599 $649
Release date June 10, 2021 September 17, 2020

The RTX 3080 boasts more CUDA cores, a wider memory bus, and higher VRAM capacity, resulting in superior gaming and rendering performance. While the RTX 3070 Ti is a more affordable option with slightly lower specs, it still delivers excellent performance for its price point. Consider your budget and requirements when choosing between these two high-end graphics cards.


The RTX 3070 Ti and the RTX 3080 are both high-performance graphics cards released by NVIDIA. While they belong to the same generation of GPUs, there are some differences in terms of specifications and performance. Let’s compare them:

  1. CUDA Cores: The RTX 3070 Ti has 6144 CUDA cores, while the RTX 3080 has 8704 CUDA cores. This means the RTX 3080 has a higher number of cores, which generally translates to better performance in demanding tasks such as gaming and rendering.
  2. VRAM: The RTX 3070 Ti comes with 8GB of GDDR6X VRAM, while the RTX 3080 has 10GB or 12GB (depending on the model) of GDDR6X VRAM. The additional VRAM in the RTX 3080 can provide better performance at higher resolutions or in tasks that require large amounts of video memory.
  3. Memory Bus Width: The RTX 3070 Ti features a 256-bit memory bus width, whereas the RTX 3080 has a wider 320-bit memory bus. The wider memory bus allows for faster data transfer between the GPU and VRAM, resulting in better overall performance.
  4. Performance: In terms of raw performance, the RTX 3080 is generally faster than the RTX 3070 Ti. It offers higher frame rates and better performance in demanding games, especially at higher resolutions like 4K. The RTX 3080 is also better suited for tasks like content creation, 3D rendering, and machine learning due to its higher CUDA core count and VRAM capacity.
  5. Power Consumption: The RTX 3080 tends to consume more power compared to the RTX 3070 Ti. It requires a higher wattage power supply and may generate more heat during intensive workloads. Proper cooling and power management are crucial considerations when using these GPUs.
  6. Availability and Price: Availability and pricing can vary depending on market conditions and region. However, historically, the RTX 3080 has been positioned as a higher-end option and typically carries a higher price tag compared to the RTX 3070 Ti.

Ultimately, the choice between the RTX 3070 Ti and the RTX 3080 depends on your specific needs, budget, and availability. If you require top-of-the-line performance and are willing to invest more, the RTX 3080 would be the superior choice. However, if you are looking for a more affordable option with solid performance, the RTX 3070 Ti can still provide excellent gaming and productivity capabilities.

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